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Hard Saddle Bags

Your source for Hard Saddlebags

These hard fibreglass saddlebags are unique to all others on the market.
Molds used to create these saddlebags are precision crafted on a CNC machine utilizing detailed CAD/CAM drawings, guaranteeing the same design each time.
The fibreglass molding of the saddlebags is done entirely by hand.
These saddlebags are NOT machine made fiberglass loose fibers mixed with glue, then compressed into a mold. Loose fibers crack and shatter with light impact. Our fibers are not loose. Three layers of whole sheet fiber & potent resin are layered for this sturdy creation, AND finished with a velvet interior. Our team of 4 skilled artisans can only produce one set per day.
There are no saddlebags comparable to ours on the market.
Question:Fiberglass is known to have a rough finish and warp overtime , will that happen with your saddlebags?
Answer:Our products are hand polished so our finish is smooth--never rough. Our saddlebags will not warp because we use the strongest resin available and our skilled artisans follow a strenuous procedure to ensure warping will not occur.
Question:What is the difference between your fiberglass saddlebags and ABS plastic saddlebags? Actually, I am looking for a metal saddlebag because I want strong saddlebags that won't crack in the future.
Answer:ABS plastic is produced from an injection machine which can produce one set in 15 minutes. Our fiberglass saddlebags take over 32 hours to produce one set! ABS plastic is known to have a smooth finish, but the finish on our fiberglass saddlebags is the same, if not better. Metal saddlebags are not only heavy, but retain heat and can rust. Our fiberglass saddlebags are smooth like ABS plastic and is almost as strong as metal, but will not dent.
Question: Do you sell liners for your saddlebags? I want to keep my valuables from scratching and getting dirty in my saddlebags?
Answer:Our saddlebags come with an intact constructed velvet liner that provides protection from scratching and has a luxurious look and feel. Our liner is not loosely attached, so your valuables will not roll around.
Question:I've notice that a lot of locks on saddlebags are cheaply made. The locks on your saddlebags look sturdy. Are your locks made of stainless steel?
Answer:Yes, our lock assembly is made of heavy duty stainless steel. The lock is made of brass and has a chromed finish. Our saddlebags lock securely. The lid opens away from your bike and has a nylon support strip to prevent the lid from over extending.
3002s1.jpg SB5: Cavlry Universal Hard Saddlebags
Universal mounting brackets included!

3004-1.jpg SB6: Cavalry Smooth Face Hard Saddlebags
Universal mounting brackets included!

3002s1.jpg SB1S: Cavalry Hard Saddlebags for Harley Davidson Touring
Fits: '93-'13 Harley Davidson Touring models.

xtd1 g (Large) (Small).jpg SB1X: Extended Stretched Hard Saddlebags for Harley Davidson Touring
Fits: '93-'13 Harley Davidson Touring models.